Monday, November 29, 2010


Well I survived working the holiday and I am now feeling the circulation return to my feet.
Standing for eight hours is hard on the legs. I know now why I want to be a writer, I can be in the comfort of my own home, with my thoughts and write until my fingers are numb.
I did get a few ideas for my book watching people and should I say not at their did make a few character ideas, so to all the shoppers out there...BEWARE...that little lady waiting on you at the counter may just be an author and may put you in her before you check out... be sure the face you are wearing is the one you want the world to see...or read.


Friday, November 19, 2010

To write or not to write, that is the question!

Hey...well I started a second job a few days I am so tired. So with all this working I now need to come up with a plan on how to get my writing done and still take care of a family. Does anyone have ideas on how to juggle more time or helpful hints on being better organized, so that my novel does not suffer? In a perfect world my book would be done and published, looking back at me from a shelf at the book store. I keep telling myself it will happen, it will be done eventually. So if you have any suggestions, or spells "candles included", muses for hire "or would send yours over...leave me a message.

Peace "I'm leaning over the edge ;0


Sunday, November 14, 2010

We are up and running ;)

Hello all, just a quick mention that our website is up and running. YEAH!!! It is awesome so go check it out and leave us a comment, what ya like, what you don't like. I hope to be posting more and more sorry for the delays, life has a way of getting in the way of things we like to do and things we should be doing. But it does make the journey fascinating:)
As always PEACE until I blog again


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

When it rains it pours. Seems like when you think life is going a little better...well thats when the flood gates open up and then its a sramble to get on the life vest. I wonder sometimes if I had some karmic debt that is being paid, or I'm just a sucker for punishment??? Hmm...maybe its both. I do know that life is filled with challenges, but really when is enough, enough. Well I dont want to go into the history of my frustration, I would just like a little feedback on how others cope or advice on how to keep up a positive attitude even in the RAIN. So if anyone would like to give a little wee bit of encouragement, advice, suck it up girl talks, or just share your umbrella, I would love to hear from you.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Does anyone love October like I do?

I love October!!! The weather cools down, the trees burst out with flames of color, and I love pumpkins and sqaush. I love the color red...always have, I was the little girl in the sixties that loved her lil red ridinghood coat and red knee high socks with black maryjane shoes. I know you just got that mental picture "yes it was darling." Maybe not...but I thought so :) I also love the inspiration it gives me to write about ghosts, ghouls and other creepy things that come out in Oct. I would love to hear about some of your October likes and loves, so please feel free to share:)


Friday, October 1, 2010

changes--here we come!

Well a lot of changes have come my way. Actually so many I could not begin to describe them in this blog. But I will say this...If I could put all the change and stress into words and release it into my novel I would have my trilogy completed by now. Wouldn't that be great, so here is my sigh...the first novel isn't finished yet. But my writers group website is close to completion that is worthy of celebration. The writers in this group are amazing people and give me something to strive for, they are so much more disciplined than I. What extraordinary people, I do require signed copies of their published works "for this complimentary service announcement" you guys know I cant wait to see you all in print. :)
Well any way, I'll try to regain some edge and write as soon as some other fires are put out.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Look at the camera and smile :)

Wanted to post a little thank you and tell my writing group how awesome you ALL are :)
That's right last night was the big night...Writers Cubed had our group pictures taken. It was awesome, and we didn't look like we were having a mug shot done. We ALL looked GREAT! :)
I had a blast, and thank you to our talented and wonderful camera man who did us all a great favor "Clark Schaffer" YOU SO ROCK. I am so excited to get them posted and up on the groups website.
Well my friends in bloggdom, now it is time for Reana to come back from playing dress up and get back to the real world, Writing. Well maybe its not the real world either since I write fiction, but my characters are missing me or complaining, because I have left a few of them hanging. (Bahahaha-insert evil laugh here)

Love all of you in Peace-es :)

ok I'm frustrated

Can any one please tell me how to add badges to my blog???????? I am struggling with this blog. ok I know I am not a guru at the computer but.....really? Any helpful hints ????

Friday, June 18, 2010

What a week !

Wow, thought I would have made it back to my blog before now, but I'm still recovering from a week of excitement :) Ok the movie set Monday was a great experience, Margo Kidder is still awesome, remember her as Lois Lane from superman? very cool to watch her and meet her. Also my very cool friends Jo & Clark "thanks guys for making it all happen, loved hanging with you at your fun treasure box "The studio" it was awesome.
I do have pics..and will blog about it all after my recovery of a week of work, shopping for eight solid hours with the group, taking care of three little grandson's "while daughter is in Texas. Also Senior photo shoot with my 17 yr old daughter, and lets not forget it is fathers day this weekend.
Just thought I would share a partial list of my weeks crazy schedule.

Oh and... let's see...I need to get a story out before a deadline :( do you think I can pull it off and get it done? please sweet friends leave me a word of encouragement, before I wind up over the writers edge...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Night Post

Hey everyone, wanted to say how excited I am for Monday :) Now I know what your thinking WHO in their right mind gets excited over Mondays. Well once in a while, a rare while, it does happen. I have been invited to join some friends on a movie set while they shoot a Sci-fi film. This is such a cool opportunity for me because first of all, that just doesn't happen to someone everyday unless you are in the business.
Also because I get to see what it is all about from behind the scenes. This is so amazing because in book two of the series (Shades of Magick) that I am currently working on, my main character Evie Parker, goes to LA to be in a movie... so this is awesome research for my book. :)
I can't as yet go in to detail about the film or title, so guess you will have to check back for more details and of course my take on the film process. I hope to post again by Tuesday. This little fun adventure has me write on the edge....

Oh and before I forget the most important part of this post....Thank You ZOMBIE LOVER ;0 You know who you are;) lol


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm in the mood...

I'm in the mood... for change...hahaha I got bored with the last background.
tell me my sweet ones, what do ya think? :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Days to Treasure;

Whew...May is over and school is out, kids are home and summer has officially started here in the Mountains :) June is one of my most favorite months of the year, all the BBQ's, flowers, sunshine. "Can ya tell I live in the MTs with snow." My kids are around for me to love and hug and share it all with them. They grow up so fast and are gone before I can turn around it seems, I am learning to savor the summer time memories. Also it is my birthday month! I wont say how old I am since I have been 29 or 39 for so long I have forgotten, hahaha. But I will say this it was a great day:) I wanted to share a thought that has been roaming around in my mind, This birthday I have taken time to inventory the past year. A year filled with some joys, some sadness, some failures, a lot of new ideas, and a new grandson. All in all its been pretty good, so I am taking all these great days I lived and am putting them into a treasure box, and tucking it way in my heart. As my four year old grandson annouced to me "Nana happy First birthday" and gave me a big hug, through my chuckle at his mistake, I realized... it is like a first birthday...I look forward to a new year filled with treasures. Thank you Spencer, for keeping Nana young. ;)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Missing in Action

Sorry guys I have been neglectful of my posts, but with kids graduating and end of the year concerts, plays, and still keeping a boss happy at my job...ITS BEEN CRAZY. Oh and lets not forget the house, cars, rest of the kids, and husband, grandkids and all of my hobbies/ jobs I have going. WOW its all in a days work for a woman.. How in the hell do we do it ALL, and still keep track of all of it and try to take care of ourselves... :0 If anyone has the answers, hints, or even a clue of a better way to keep it all together and not lose yourself, or your freakin mind...leave me a comment.

Oh and I'll get a real post up soon, right after a long nap. lol

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Wish for the MMWG - Girls

Our writers group met this past week and I wanted to let the world know how hard this group really does work. I am amazed with the women in this group and how fortunate I feel to know them, hang out with them and they put up with me:)
Jen, Margie, Lois and Jo, good luck with the re-writes, query letters and submissions. I know it has been tough on you girls, but all of you are great writers and I admire you all. So with that said, burn those candles to puddles, drink a little caffeine, and give yourselves a huge pat on the back, your almost there. :)
My wish for all of you is that the universe is ready and awaiting for these manuscripts, and the right little hot hands are ready to receive them. (did you see the wave of my magical wand)
I love you guys, but don't forget when it's mine, Amy and Tasha's turn for submissions, we are going to be kicking your doors in for help.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Like to Write...Why?

"Why do I write?" I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I suppose it's because people have been asking me about my book and what my story is about, and why is it so important to me. So I decided to analyze that for a while and this is what I came up with.
First let me say, I don't consider my self an over the top writer and I'm not a professional. But I do have things to say and I love to create, with my writing or in my art.
I love realism and fantasy in books, movies and art work. Isn't that what makes up our entire lives anyway? When the real world seems to Real, that's when we want to escape. We can let go of everyday stress in music, art or reading and transport ourselves any where, that's Fantasy. So that was simple enough, I write to escape.
I enjoy creating characters that can dream and see life from all different view points. They can go and do what I cannot and sometimes "YES" they can speak for me when I can not find my voice.
I believe all writers and artists do this. Writing is more than coming up with a storyline, plot and a mystery. Don't get me wrong this can be hard as Hell, but it is a writers way of living vicariously through characters and being able to have many voices. I like it, actually I love it and believe it or not I sometimes I hate it.
It causes me to have to pull out old feelings, open nasty wounds and re-taste bitter tears I have cried in the past. Why? Because of realism, your characters have to become tangible for the reader or guess what, they become phony, shallow and boring. I know that sounds horrible and why would anyone in their right mind, do that to themselves. The life of a writer is bittersweet. (More about that another day)
I have finally... I hope, come to a place in my own realism that if the only people to ever read or have my novels, short stories or poetry are my kids and grand-kids. It's okay, because through all my characters and the places that I have created, they will hear my voice.
That is immortality...write to the Edge.


Monday, May 3, 2010

What is in a Name?

I believe I have decided on a name for my new friend (laptop)...
"ELVIRA" my very own little Mistress of the Dark ;)
Now I still need to work a spell or two, perhaps light a candle or two, for my beautiful new friend.
All of this for WHY? So she will become my magical tool and serve me well!!!!
Does anyone know when the next full moon is? How about a cool incantation?
muahahahahaha (evil laugh inserted here)


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laptop or Bust !

Well from the advice of several of my writing friends, I have a new Laptop :)
I have done the happy dance all day! It is charging as we speak. She is beautiful, black and shiny, with little sparkles. Now I can write my book, notes and nonsense from anywhere. I feel like a teenager with a new drivers license. So we will just have to see how much trouble I can get into with my new TOY!!! For those of you who know the story, I hope you are sharing in my overwhelming JOY:) I'm half tempted to name my newest friend (Laptop) any suggestions?


The Blog Gods

The Blog Gods have been appeased :) I have comments! Awesome, now I can get back to writing about writing, complaining about writing, laughing about my writing... and
Oh Yeah, and sharing all the insane, crazy, profound and sometimes totally useless ideas,
I have about writing.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Blog is Haunted

Well I have tried everything to get my comment button to work.I think it is broken.
Who broke the button? I have reset the settings AGAIN...and nothing has happened yet.
So until the forces at work (blogspot) or the comment button Gods, decide they are going to turn it back on, I guess I will have to be patient (not my strongest attribute.)
So please keep following- I may need to move and start again.
I hope not I liked this spot. Maybe I have a Ghost following my blog...that would be cool, but not that cool.

Peace and Patience


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to My Blog !

First of all, I have to tell everyone that posting the very first post on my new blog, has given me writers block. I have tried and tried to come up with something witty, amazing and articulate. way, it just is not happening.
I have officially decided that unless I have a character to say what I want inside of quotation marks, I am seriously Tongue Tied.
So one of my characters from my Novel has just stepped forward (pushed his way to the front of the line) to say "Please leave a comment of encouragement for Reana, the poor dear, so she can find her own voice and let me get back to seducing and biting my victims."
Christian! You shouldn't say things like that, you never know who will read this. So back to your dark gallery and chamber with you buddie. But thanks anyway tall, dark and fangs, for letting the whole world know that I do hear voices in my head and hang out with fictional characters from my book.
I need to get out more, or better yet get my book written and published, (title-Pointe Magik).
Anyway pray for my mental health and leave me a comment, while I try to come up with more and take us to the Writers Edge.