Thursday, June 24, 2010

Look at the camera and smile :)

Wanted to post a little thank you and tell my writing group how awesome you ALL are :)
That's right last night was the big night...Writers Cubed had our group pictures taken. It was awesome, and we didn't look like we were having a mug shot done. We ALL looked GREAT! :)
I had a blast, and thank you to our talented and wonderful camera man who did us all a great favor "Clark Schaffer" YOU SO ROCK. I am so excited to get them posted and up on the groups website.
Well my friends in bloggdom, now it is time for Reana to come back from playing dress up and get back to the real world, Writing. Well maybe its not the real world either since I write fiction, but my characters are missing me or complaining, because I have left a few of them hanging. (Bahahaha-insert evil laugh here)

Love all of you in Peace-es :)


Roland D. Yeomans said...

My writing group is flung nation-wide. Our group picture would have to be taken from the space shuttle!

Glad you found people whose minds sharpen yours, Roland

Jo Schaffer said...

That was a blast. And we did look GOOD. xo

Lisa Gail Green said...

He, yep. I've been avoiding a bit myself. Time to get back to work!

James Lewis said...

Go write those characters girl!