Friday, November 19, 2010

To write or not to write, that is the question!

Hey...well I started a second job a few days I am so tired. So with all this working I now need to come up with a plan on how to get my writing done and still take care of a family. Does anyone have ideas on how to juggle more time or helpful hints on being better organized, so that my novel does not suffer? In a perfect world my book would be done and published, looking back at me from a shelf at the book store. I keep telling myself it will happen, it will be done eventually. So if you have any suggestions, or spells "candles included", muses for hire "or would send yours over...leave me a message.

Peace "I'm leaning over the edge ;0



Anonymous said...

Sorry, Reana. I'm fresh out of spells. But if you find any good ones let me know.

Finding time to write can be really tricky. I know with my little ones nights and nap time are the best for me. My schedule changes every day so I usually wake up in the morning and say, "Today I'm going to write while Libby's in preschool and Boston's on a nap." And when unexpected things arise then I push it to the evening after my kids are in bed. The point is, I try to write a little bit every day. Even if I only get a paragraph in, it keeps me focused and thinking about my book.

In summary, consistency and habit are my two best writing buddies. After my Cubies of course.

Lois D. Brown said...


I've loved writing since I was very young. However, there was a time in my adult life, for about 4-5 years, that I did very little of it. I was seriously just in survival mode. I agree with Jen. If you write just a little bit (even once a week) it will keep your awesome skills alive. Have you thought of changing your writing focus during this super busy time to a short story? It might feel less heavy, and people do buy short stories. There's a pretty decent market for them in magazines. Overall, be very patient with yourself. I know how important that it from personal experience.

Write Chick said...

It's tough Reana. I always want to be consistent, but then other things come projects, kid's school projects, family problems, etc.
Just hang in there and don't be too hard on yourself. For a while there, I always just made it a goal to have a little something written by each writer's group so that I had something to review.
Good luck! I actually came to Shopko on your first day of work to say "HI" and wish you encouragement, but I think I was too early for your shift. Let me know, and I'll stop by at your check stand. :-)

Jo Schaffer said...

(= I feel ya. Lately I'm not getting much done! Miss you.