Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

When it rains it pours. Seems like when you think life is going a little better...well thats when the flood gates open up and then its a sramble to get on the life vest. I wonder sometimes if I had some karmic debt that is being paid, or I'm just a sucker for punishment??? Hmm...maybe its both. I do know that life is filled with challenges, but really when is enough, enough. Well I dont want to go into the history of my frustration, I would just like a little feedback on how others cope or advice on how to keep up a positive attitude even in the RAIN. So if anyone would like to give a little wee bit of encouragement, advice, suck it up girl talks, or just share your umbrella, I would love to hear from you.



Jo Schaffer said...

I talk to my good friends and count my blessings. (=
Life really gets hard. Sometimes it's out of our hands and sometimes we help it get harder. Thank goodness for new days and second chances. Hang in there...things will get better.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jo. Gratitude really is the best remedy for me. There are too many things in life we can't control. Some days when I find myself in a slump or when the flood gates open and all hell breaks loose, I go on a walk and try to count my steps with all the things I'm grateful for. Even the most mundane, fundamental aspects of life. Food, shelter, air to breath, tomorrows..... It helps push the rain clouds away.

I think we could cheer you up. Come to group on the 27th. It's at Maceys at 6:30.

Good luck. girl!

Write Chick said...

I'm sorry Reana. Honestly, I 've suffered from depression and set backs and days when all of life seems to suck. It's horrible.
But one day, I had someone tell me (or maybe I read it somewhere, I don't know)that when life seems to be out of our control, we still have control over one thing; our attitude. We can choose to be angry or sad or to curse at the heavens when bad stuff happens, or we can choose to decide that we are going to be happy and positive in spite of it all.
I've chosen spite. Basically, I figure that the best way to piss off the gods trying to make my day (or life) suck is by smiling and choosing to be happy.
It has really helped me, and since that day that I made that decision, I haven't really gotten depressed. I look at everything I have--or on days when I seem to have nothing, I look at everything I still want out of life and I push onward. Because, by damn, I'm going to get what I want no matter what. :-)
More important than ALL of that is to surround yourself with friends who love the heck out of you. Which is why you come to and hang out with us! We don't care if you've written one word or not, we just like you. :-)