Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Like to Write...Why?

"Why do I write?" I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I suppose it's because people have been asking me about my book and what my story is about, and why is it so important to me. So I decided to analyze that for a while and this is what I came up with.
First let me say, I don't consider my self an over the top writer and I'm not a professional. But I do have things to say and I love to create, with my writing or in my art.
I love realism and fantasy in books, movies and art work. Isn't that what makes up our entire lives anyway? When the real world seems to Real, that's when we want to escape. We can let go of everyday stress in music, art or reading and transport ourselves any where, that's Fantasy. So that was simple enough, I write to escape.
I enjoy creating characters that can dream and see life from all different view points. They can go and do what I cannot and sometimes "YES" they can speak for me when I can not find my voice.
I believe all writers and artists do this. Writing is more than coming up with a storyline, plot and a mystery. Don't get me wrong this can be hard as Hell, but it is a writers way of living vicariously through characters and being able to have many voices. I like it, actually I love it and believe it or not I sometimes I hate it.
It causes me to have to pull out old feelings, open nasty wounds and re-taste bitter tears I have cried in the past. Why? Because of realism, your characters have to become tangible for the reader or guess what, they become phony, shallow and boring. I know that sounds horrible and why would anyone in their right mind, do that to themselves. The life of a writer is bittersweet. (More about that another day)
I have finally... I hope, come to a place in my own realism that if the only people to ever read or have my novels, short stories or poetry are my kids and grand-kids. It's okay, because through all my characters and the places that I have created, they will hear my voice.
That is immortality...write to the Edge.



James Lewis said...

You definately live through your characters. I have got this new found respect/interest in sailing, and before Black Sam, I never cared.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, Reana. I couldn't agree more. I find myself making facial expressions while I write-- feeling those feelings of anger, hurt, betrayal, love, passion, etc along with my characters.