Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to My Blog !

First of all, I have to tell everyone that posting the very first post on my new blog, has given me writers block. I have tried and tried to come up with something witty, amazing and articulate. way, it just is not happening.
I have officially decided that unless I have a character to say what I want inside of quotation marks, I am seriously Tongue Tied.
So one of my characters from my Novel has just stepped forward (pushed his way to the front of the line) to say "Please leave a comment of encouragement for Reana, the poor dear, so she can find her own voice and let me get back to seducing and biting my victims."
Christian! You shouldn't say things like that, you never know who will read this. So back to your dark gallery and chamber with you buddie. But thanks anyway tall, dark and fangs, for letting the whole world know that I do hear voices in my head and hang out with fictional characters from my book.
I need to get out more, or better yet get my book written and published, (title-Pointe Magik).
Anyway pray for my mental health and leave me a comment, while I try to come up with more and take us to the Writers Edge.