Monday, June 7, 2010

Days to Treasure;

Whew...May is over and school is out, kids are home and summer has officially started here in the Mountains :) June is one of my most favorite months of the year, all the BBQ's, flowers, sunshine. "Can ya tell I live in the MTs with snow." My kids are around for me to love and hug and share it all with them. They grow up so fast and are gone before I can turn around it seems, I am learning to savor the summer time memories. Also it is my birthday month! I wont say how old I am since I have been 29 or 39 for so long I have forgotten, hahaha. But I will say this it was a great day:) I wanted to share a thought that has been roaming around in my mind, This birthday I have taken time to inventory the past year. A year filled with some joys, some sadness, some failures, a lot of new ideas, and a new grandson. All in all its been pretty good, so I am taking all these great days I lived and am putting them into a treasure box, and tucking it way in my heart. As my four year old grandson annouced to me "Nana happy First birthday" and gave me a big hug, through my chuckle at his mistake, I realized... it is like a first birthday...I look forward to a new year filled with treasures. Thank you Spencer, for keeping Nana young. ;)



Jojomama said...

Sweet little guy. It was nice seeing you on your birthday. I went home after our little visit and zonked out. Feeling pretty good today. xo

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I love the idea of living each day like it's the beginning of the rest of your life. Always doing just a little better than I did the day before. It's funny how some of the most profound wisdom often comes from children. We should be more like them

The Empress said...

Yes, my children have taught me everything I know.

My life began with them.

Really enjoyed this post.

Write Chick said...

Well said. I'm a birthday snob. I love a day that celebrates me. I like the idea of thinking about it like my First Birthday on the year. Great post.

loislane said...

Happy B-day you 29-year-old. Thanks for taking the time to help me remember the small stuff. I tend to get so busy I forget. You're awesome.