Monday, May 3, 2010

What is in a Name?

I believe I have decided on a name for my new friend (laptop)...
"ELVIRA" my very own little Mistress of the Dark ;)
Now I still need to work a spell or two, perhaps light a candle or two, for my beautiful new friend.
All of this for WHY? So she will become my magical tool and serve me well!!!!
Does anyone know when the next full moon is? How about a cool incantation?
muahahahahaha (evil laugh inserted here)



Write Chick said...

Elvira...Giddyup a oom pappa oom pappa mow mow...

Sorry it had to be done. :-) Love the name!

James Lewis said...

Hopefully you didn't get a white mac. That might anger the gods of darkness, and your writing will be cursed forever.

Reana said...

To my Sir James the writer;
Actually my spell bound new friend is
BLACK,Shiny and sparkles-didn't you read the other blog my friend.
Oh and its a Dell.

Jojomama said...

Perfect name!