Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vince Gill - Go Rest High On That Mountain

Monday, February 21, 2011

When we are at the Edge

I never thought that when I titled my blog "Write to the edge" those words would ring in my ears in a much different way. These past few months of Jan and Feb of this year have been filled with sadness and mourning and have truly pushed my heart to the edge. My Father died after being ill and on a ventilator since the first of Dec. The hardest decision of my life was to let him go and wait until he did, Jan 13th 2011 he went on to a new journey, and even though I know it was the right thing to do and let him have his dignity...its hard to tell your Daddy goodbye. So with grief and sorrow my heart was broken.
Then again tragedy struck when a good friends home burned to the ground, they lost all of their possesions. Her family are safe and unharmed "what a blessing that no one was hurt" that is a test that can take you to the edge.
Then that very night another friend while checking on the friend who's home burned, got the call her husband was tragically killed. Leaving her and their young daughter behind. Again my heart is broken and immediately pushed to the edge with pain for them.
Trials are always in our path and heart break and grief all remind us that we are fragile, human,and mortal.I am also reminded that we are survivors, all of us. We have a drive deep inside to keep us going at even the darkest hour. Though I have been to my own personal edge, and wondered why this is happening all around me. I realize with each step I become a little stronger, and a little more fragile but also a little less afraid to stand on the edge, this is my journey the good and the bad.