Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Blog is Haunted

Well I have tried everything to get my comment button to work.I think it is broken.
Who broke the button? I have reset the settings AGAIN...and nothing has happened yet.
So until the forces at work (blogspot) or the comment button Gods, decide they are going to turn it back on, I guess I will have to be patient (not my strongest attribute.)
So please keep following- I may need to move and start again.
I hope not I liked this spot. Maybe I have a Ghost following my blog...that would be cool, but not that cool.

Peace and Patience



NaTahsha Ford said...

I can comment, and I love your blog! Get writing! Your short story was awesome!

James Lewis said...

Well the fact that you're reading this means your blog is working correctly, and I would suggest that there is user error on the other end. But that doesn't mean your blog isn't haunted.

Write Chick said...

It worked! Looks like the ghosts have moved on to torment a new blog...I hope it's not mine. I'm glad it's working now. Good luck working on your short story. :-)