Friday, May 14, 2010

My Wish for the MMWG - Girls

Our writers group met this past week and I wanted to let the world know how hard this group really does work. I am amazed with the women in this group and how fortunate I feel to know them, hang out with them and they put up with me:)
Jen, Margie, Lois and Jo, good luck with the re-writes, query letters and submissions. I know it has been tough on you girls, but all of you are great writers and I admire you all. So with that said, burn those candles to puddles, drink a little caffeine, and give yourselves a huge pat on the back, your almost there. :)
My wish for all of you is that the universe is ready and awaiting for these manuscripts, and the right little hot hands are ready to receive them. (did you see the wave of my magical wand)
I love you guys, but don't forget when it's mine, Amy and Tasha's turn for submissions, we are going to be kicking your doors in for help.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Reana. You're so kind. Had fun with you whispering critiques in my hear the other night. :)

James Lewis said...

What a lucky bunch of girls to have such a great and supporting group. Too bad you don't allow guys to join. :)

Jojomama said...

(= Reanaaaaa! xo Thanks for your support, girl.

loislane said...

I feel so warm and fuzzy. James, your turn will come.

Write Chick said...

Thanks Reana. WE love you too. That was so nice. :-)

The Empress said...

I'm happy and jealous of what you've found.

THis is wonderful, I'll have to make it happen in my world, too.

Lovely post. Thank you

The Empress said...

Hello, just wanted to say hello and say thanks for your visit, and for your kind comments to baby emperor.

You're a good woman.