Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Night Post

Hey everyone, wanted to say how excited I am for Monday :) Now I know what your thinking WHO in their right mind gets excited over Mondays. Well once in a while, a rare while, it does happen. I have been invited to join some friends on a movie set while they shoot a Sci-fi film. This is such a cool opportunity for me because first of all, that just doesn't happen to someone everyday unless you are in the business.
Also because I get to see what it is all about from behind the scenes. This is so amazing because in book two of the series (Shades of Magick) that I am currently working on, my main character Evie Parker, goes to LA to be in a movie... so this is awesome research for my book. :)
I can't as yet go in to detail about the film or title, so guess you will have to check back for more details and of course my take on the film process. I hope to post again by Tuesday. This little fun adventure has me write on the edge....

Oh and before I forget the most important part of this post....Thank You ZOMBIE LOVER ;0 You know who you are;) lol



Jo Schaffer said...

Mwah hahah!
Monday will be fun!!!

The Empress said...

Hi, wonderful to meet you. I love a good ghost story, too!

Will you or have you posted some? I'll have to search around. My husband has a good one about a raven suddenly laying on his kitchen counter...dead!

Thank you for stopping over and your encouraging comment.

Anonymous said...

I love the new look on the blog, Reana. Very cool. I'm so happy for you about Monday! You deserve a cool experience like that!