Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Burn out/ and a runaway muse

Well...I have officially decided I have BURN OUT with my book. Can't seem to come up with a D*#*# thing and have just wondered why I am writing it any way. before I find a large fire pit or the shreader become's my offical agent. Would someone like to share what they do to combat writers burn out.Another thought is perhaps my muse has went on vacation somewhere warm without me.I could use some advice, unless of course your muse is hanging out somewhere with mine. lol
If my muse does not return in the next few days she is so getting thrown straight over the EDGE.


James Lewis said...

Don't scrap it! Just work on something else. Maybe something completely different so when you go back to it you'll have a fresh perspective. :)

Write Chick said...

I'm with James. Start working on a new, totally different piece. After I had worked on my second novel for a few months and then went back to the first, I suddenly appreciated it again. I already knew those characters and where they were heading, so it was kind of nice.
Just don't throw it out! I shudder to even think of that!

Jo Schaffer said...

YES. You know what book I think you should write... (=